“I’ve loved VW campervans and cars for over 25 years.”

It was my dad that first introduced me to the VW scene as a teenager when there was little interest in VWs. The scene was barely noticable back then and deemed “uncool” by the majority of people. My dad was taken aback by the sheer simplicity of these vehicles.



Within six months I had bought my first VW Beetle and moved on to campervans.



“Susie White” is a T2 split screen Campervan with a wealth of history and it was a chance sighting in Italy that led to me importing it to the UK.

I first set eyes on her on the shore of Lake Garda whilst on holiday with my then girlfriend more than ten years ago. It was only towards the end of the holiday that I realised the word VENISI in the window of the van meant For Sale.



After numerous phone calls the van was brought back to the UK. It was then that I found out the heritage of the van working at the Milan International Airport.



It really has come full circle and a full nuts and bolts restoration has taken place with no expense spared. Virtually every part of the van is brand new or has undertaken some kind of restoration so you can be assured this one of a kind campervan will make your special day that bit more special.



With the van’s rich history I really hope that people can get the joy out of it as much as I do.



I’m so happy to have added my second camper with “Sue Flowers” my Bay Window camper which, again, has undergone a complete and total makeover.



Seeing the look on people’s faces and the pleasure they seem to get from the campers really has made the restorations worthwhile and I hope people continue to enjoy them for years to come.



Jamie Flowers (and Sam) – Nottingham 2019